Baskerville Hound

Saturday, July 14, 2007

how embarrassing!

I have not posted to this blog since October! How appalling...It can be for a lack of interesting things going on, maybe then it is because too much has been going on that i haven't found the time? That's a pretty lame excuse though since i still manage to email and myspace my friends & family.....
To summarise the nine months since i posted, here is a list of some of the cds i bought in this time....for lack of anything more interesting to post at this time!

regina spektor, Au Revoir Simone, Camera Obscura, Cold War Kids, The Go-Betweens Tribute, Best of Pulp, Feist, Nouvelle Vague, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Sarah Blasko, Ben Kweller, Cat Power, Damien Rice, Bob Evans, The Audreys (cd cover above), The Grates, The best of The Cure, An old Sonic Youth classic 'Goo', Splendid.....(if some don't sound familiar its because they are fantastic Aussie bands and well i put it down to the fact that we keep our local talent close to our chests!)