Baskerville Hound

Thursday, March 30, 2006

ATC Ducks finally embark on their journey

Well, after a long time preparing my Artist Trading Cards for our 29,000 Floating Ducks Project blog, today I finally got them away in the mail.
Although similar, each card is different. I wanted them to be unique yet connected somehow [a bit like all of the artists in the project!]
Each card has a base of newsprint and semi-transparent light blue tissue paper. I wanted My ATC's to be, in some way linked to the actual Journal, so I carried on the use of this duck shape. Like in the first page of my Journal entry, I collected patterns, colours and interesting images from which I cut this duck shape.
Once I had plenty, I had fun playing around trying to pair them up in different combinations until I found the ones that looked just right together.
I then decided upon who within the group I would send each card. Not knowing things like everyone's favourite colours made it a little trickier than if I were just sharing them out with family or friends, but this just meant I had to think a little bit about each of my fellow project-ees, and consider the things I had learnt about each of them through the project so far. Here's hoping my choices were well suited :)

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Office Art Project

This is something I've done for the Office Art Project. Its a brilliant idea really, its a Mail Art project that asks you to send in art created while at work, using only the supplies you have on hand in your workplace. Not only is it a great excuse to raid the stationery cupboard, but it turns all the scratch-notes i create all day long while on the phone, a lot more interesting.
I would love to see other examples of work created for this, and other similar projects-drop me a line...

Friday, March 17, 2006

Haje's Poststop Book #25

The other say i received Book #25 from Haje's Poststop blogsite project.
She sends out these fantastic little handmade books for you to draw, write, decorate-when you're done you send it back to her and she publishes them on her blog.
I cant wait to start adding some images and text...check out her site here

Saturday, March 11, 2006

This weekend i am working on my ATC's for the 29,000 Floating Ducks clan. Here's what's happening so far....

I've started with playing cards because they are the right size and thickness, plus they have those nice rounded corners already. I've covered them with some newsprint, followed by two layers of light blue tissue paper.

I've enjoyed the process of making them so is somewhat therepeutic....or something like that!

Im not 100% certain what they will look like in the end but so far im thinking the cutout shape of the ducks similar to what i used in my entry in the Journal, possibly including some stitching as well.

If anyone outside our Journal Project would like one of these ATC's once I'm finished, or wants to trade email me here and thou shall be done!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

29,000 Floating Ducks ATC's

If you haven't seen these on our blog for the 29,000 Floating Ducks Journal Project, here is Toni Kelly 's ATC, that i received yesterday. I'm new to the whole ATC thing, so not only has she got us motivated to make & share some cards in honour of our Journal Project, but she has also given me some valuable clues on how to go about it.
Thank you so much Toni for all your help and motivation-and for the beautiful little artworks you have sent each of us!